Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Feedback re: Handball Matches held on Tuesday! (MUST READ)

Dear S1-04,

I have one feedback for all teams..

"Take the time to look through the rules."

3 SCENARIOS are possible in the next few games:

1. If a team keeps breaking the rules and the opposition is NOT aware of the rules, the game becomes a rowdy / unfair /  disorganised game.
2. If a team keeps breaking the rules and the opposition IS aware of the rules, then the game will be disrupted several times due to the breaking of rules and implementation of consequences by the other team.
3. If BOTH teams are aware of the rules, then the game becomes an enjoyable one, with minimal disruptions.

Which scenario will it be for you the next time you play?

Some of the more common fouls which i noticed were..

1. Dribbling twice (once you stop dribbling, you cant continue again. You may ONLY shoot, pass or take 3 steps).
2. Dribbling sideways and using your body to shield the dribbled ball (you can only dribble facing the goal (frontwards).
3. Defending / snatching the ball away when you are on the attacker's side or back (you can only do FRONTAL DEFENCE which is defending a player from his / her front (in front of their faces).
4. Squeezing in front of an attacker when they are trying to shoot at the goal semi circle (Remember I told you about the FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED rule? It means whoever reaches the goal line has priority to shoot. If you want to defend them from shooting, GET THERE FIRST and then block them out or deny their space).

Lets make the next few games a more enjoyable one. I am looking at the coach and captain to maintain law and order of the team when you play. Thanks!

These are your team's scores after Tuesday's Match!

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