Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Statistics Feedback (Team by team basis)

Team A: I saw several good shots, mainly taken by Joseph. Good defence at the goal area to block off incoming attackers. However, if playing against a very strong player (ie, Alex), then you need to stop him from even getting to the goal line (perhaps have 2 players defend him?). Alfaatih, you must stop your sidewards dribbling or the next team will call your foul and you will lose possession of the ball.

Team B: Good shots taken, mostly by Alex. I see good teamwork in this group, ensuring that every player gets a chance to catch and throw and basically, be involved in the game. Keep up the good work!

Team C: Almost everyone attempted to shoot, so i'm glad to see that there is collaboration (teamwork). Try to pass the ball to someone else who has a better chance (or open area) to shoot (some of you tried to shoot even though you were being blocked).

Team D: Your statistician did not indicate who scored the goals so thats not something i can comment on. However,  I see team spirit and sportsmanship. Keep up the good work.

Team E: Regarding journalism, for successful passing and such, just tick the box instead of writing in '1' for every pass.  Try and station yourself in the BEST location so you can see ALL the goals made so as to avoid discrepancies. For future DUTY TEAMS, please bring your own pen/pencil and the statistic sheets from your file.

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